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Anger Management Brisbane

Anger Management Brisbane – Do you or someone you know require anger management counselling?

What is anger management?

The term anger management commonly refers to a system of psychological therapeutic techniques and exercises by which someone with excessive or uncontrollable anger and aggression can control or reduce the triggers, degrees, and effects of an angered emotional state. Some popular anger management techniques include relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring, problem solving, and improving communication strategies.


Are you struggling to control your anger in family, social, or work settings? Are you lashing out at inappropriate times? (Physically or Verbally) Do you find yourself becoming annoyed about things that never bothered you before?

Anger management is an increasingly common problem facing men in Brisbane today.

If you are experiencing anger management problems or other men’s issues or just feeling that you are no longer coping… Do something about it!

Our mental health professionals specialise in men’s issues; including anger management, domestic violence (Physical and verbal)

Seeing a male psychologist is now very affordable with generous Medicare and Private Health rebates available. All sessions are completely confidential and private helping you to get in, get out and get on with your life.

For men to start dealing with their anger in Group and or Individual sessions and learning the appropriate anger management techniques available in Brisbane please click on the link below.

To find out more about our anger management service please contact Mark.

anger management counselling brisbane, for all counselling services and mental health issues.Need more information on rage management?

You may like to read this book to get to the core of your anger management problems.

Understand where your anger comes from and learn effective strategies to deal with it.

Click on the cover to purchase a copy!

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Anger Management Brisbane. Mark Korduba BA Psych (Hons) M (Org Psych) MAPS – Psychologist, Ubuntu Integrative Medical.

Mark Korduba Psychologist

239 Stafford Road, Stafford, Brisbane, QLD, 4053
(07) 3857 3777

Anger Management Brisbane

In the clip below Mark Korduba explains conflict and the triggers that can lead to “explosive anger”.

Mark talks about negative coping strategies that people often implement, unknowingly in order to avoid conflict.



Mark is a registered Psychologist in Brisbane. He has assisted many people to overcome mental health issues.

Mark Korduba Psychologist Brisbane

Mark Korduba provides confidential counselling services to the following areas.

Anger Management Brisbane, Anger Management Everton Park, Anger Management Everton Hills, Anger Management Kedron, Anger Management Clayfield, Anger Management Chermside, Anger Management Keperra, Anger Management McDowall, Anger Management Michelton and Anger Management Ascot.

Mark is also available for corporate clients and business owners who need advice and counselling on workplace relations.