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Here are some interesting articles that I published for you to read.

In this video Mark talks about the benefits of seeing a psychologist in Brisbane.  People generally seek the assistance of a psychologist to help them with

(1) depression

(2) anxiety

(3) low self esteem

(4) marital problems

(5) family problems

(6) problems with their children.

The Psychology or Counselling Process.

The process typically takes approximately 6 sessions and oftentimes people are able to access rebates for services.  While the psychologist won’t necessarily give you a solution in the first session, over a number of sessions they will help you to identify underlying issues or faulty thinking which in turn will help you to create solutions that are much more meaningful for you.  Generally speaking people report positive results by seeing a psychologist in Brisbane and consider it a good use of time, effort and money.  Ultimately it is a risk mitigation strategy and saves you in the long-term.


Psychologists can help you avoid lots of mental health issues by teaching how the concept of mindfulness or staying in the moment. This is a very useful tool if yousuffer from anxiety or depression.

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Mark Korduba

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